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A story of freshness

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Thank You For Visiting Our Website.

I would Like to Introduce Our New Product which are Four Bath Bombs with Three Unique Layers of Fragrances Packed in Very Modern, Unique Box with Our Unicorn Logo Clear Window. 

Our Bath Bombs Are Unique and Exeptional, Thanks to Each Colorfull Ball has Three Fragrances (Litchi, Frangipani, Musk), that Soothe the Senses, Relax and Moisturize the Body and Soul, Guaranteeing Unforgettable Relaxation During Bathing.



The Scent Profile of Litchi is Close to That a Very Juicy grape, with a Mild Flavor that is Aqueous, Delicatesy Rosy and Temperately Sweet.

Although Litchi is Exotic in Origin (As Evidenced by its Very Botanical Name and Being a Sub-tropical Cultivar in India) it cannot be Really put on a Pair with the More Sandard tropical Fruits such as Mango, Pineaple, Coconut. It is Sweet, But Subtle, Refined and Mild with a Hint of Vanillin in the Background and lots of Freshness like a fine Fragrance.



It's an Ingredient from Plumeira Flowers, which have a Gardenia-like Scent: Soft, Peachy, Creamy, Fruity. Wine was Added to those Ingredients to make a long-lasting perfume, Which was also Used to Scent gloves - knows as Frangipani Gloves.



The Scent is Subtle. They are Balancing Base Note Ingredients that Give a Fragrance Lingering Depth and Watmth. Like a Best friend THey Bring Everything Together and Ensure That what You have Created is Long Lasting.

Musk is one of The Few Fragrances That Combines Delicacy and Intensity.

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